Cohabitation Financial Claims

Cohabitation Financial Claims

The Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006 may give you the right to a claim against your partner if your cohabitation ends in separation or death.

However, this law does not put cohabitation on the same legal footing as marriage or civil partnership. Don’t take things for granted and don’t assume you know the law before or after living with your partner.

How we can help:

We can explain the strict time limits for making a claim.

We can pursue, negotiate and settle your cohabitation claim.

We can advise you about entering into a cohabitation contract with your partner, especially if you are buying a house together and one of you is going to put more money in than the other.

We can advise you about your succession rights and draft your Will, vital if you are moving in together.

What to do next...

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"From day one I felt that someone was on my side and understood where I was coming from. It gave me a lot of confidence to move forward and make things better for me and my children."
N. McKay
East Kilbride

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