Adopting a Child

If you want to adopt a child we are here to help

The adoption process can be complex and stressful. Our solicitors are happy to discuss the process with you, whether you are at an early stage of considering adoption or need advice and representation through the court process.

You may have to consider whether there is to be ongoing direct or indirect contact with the child’s birth parents. As experienced Family Lawyers we are able to guide you on the legal and practical issues that arise.

We are here to help, advise and represent you throughout in all types of adoption processes:

  • Adoption by couples
  • Adoption by step parents
  • Adoption by relatives
  • Adoption by single persons
  • Local Authority placements
  • Orders for foster carers

Make an appointment with our Gillian Baker or Paul Gostelow for more information.

What to do next...

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Client View
"From day one I felt that someone was on my side and understood where I was coming from. It gave me a lot of confidence to move forward and make things better for me and my children."
N. McKay
East Kilbride

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