We recognise that family relationships are complex. We aim to steer you to a positive outcome whether that is at the beginning, middle or end of your relationship.

Our approach is to provide sensitive and sensible advice, whether you want to secure your assets at the start of a marriage, civil partnership or cohabiting relationship or if you have taken the difficult decision to separate.

With our two experienced Family Lawyers and an accredited Family Law Mediator, we offer alternative solutions to assist in the resolution of disputes.
Where amicable settlement is not possible, our experience as litigators in courts across Scotland combined with our strong negotiating skills, ensures the best possible outcome.

You can afford to trust us without fixed fee options and transparent pricing arrangements.

The Divorce (Scotland) Act 1976 provides for the grounds for divorce in Scotland based on irretrievable breakdown of marriage evidenced by unreasonable behaviour, adultery or non-cohabitation for 1 or 2 years.

We can help you by advising you fully and sensitively and guiding you through the application process to the court whether by way of raising full court action or (where there are no children under 16 and all other matters are resolved) by way of the simplified procedure.

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"There was no confusing jargon, just friendly, helpful advice. My divorce was much easier and quicker than I thought it would be."
L. Aitken

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