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Need to agree arrangements for children, money or property?

Whatever your needs, Paul Gostelow, our experienced family lawyer mediator can help you achieve a peaceful and constructive resolution to difficult family situations. Paul Gostelow is accredited as a Family Lawyer Mediator by the Law Society of Scotland and is a member of CALM Scotland. For more information please do not hesitate to telephone our office or take a look at the website of CALM Scotland.

What is family mediation?

Mediation is a voluntary process which, with the help of an impartial third party, allows you as a couple to discuss how issues can be resolved. The mediator will help you to focus on effective communication, mutual understanding and information gathering. This allows you both to identify common ground and to find the best way forward.

When a couple separate, there are so many issues and changes to deal with that it can be hard to know where to start. Although it is good for you to talk and to try to make plans together, when plans are made for a separate future, misunderstandings, fears and conflict may arise and constructive discussion can often be overcome by emotion. Our trained and accredited family lawyer mediator can help keep the discussions on a constructive footing.

Sometimes, one of you might not have expected the separation and may be very hurt and frightened. It may be extremely difficult to consider sitting in the same room as the other person. One of you may feel that he or she can no longer trust the other. Our mediator understand these anxieties. The process of mediation is designed to support people who are feeling vulnerable and to address their concerns. It also allows all necessary information to be gathered and for your available options to be considered.

What are the benefits of using our Family Lawyer Mediator?

The main benefit is that we can help you provide a framework to resolve your differences constructively rather than in a confrontational manner. The process gives you the power to decide on how your issues are to be resolved, particularly arrangements for children, rather than having decisions made for you by a third party in a Court. The process can be commenced at any time. It can take place before or after separation and before or after divorce. The earlier that mediation is attempted, the more chance there is that the relationship between the parties can remain amicable after separation. There are huge benefits to the children if their parents are able to resolve matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

The benefit of using our mediator, Paul Gostelow, is that he is an experienced family lawyer who has trained as a mediator and can provide information about the legal rules that apply on separation and divorce. Paul is trained to deal with all issues arising out of a separation or divorce. This includes child related matters and financial and property issues. He also has a knowledge and understanding of family behaviour and is sensitive and alert to power imbalances within a couple’s relationship and to any behaviour which could affect the openness and fairness of the process for both parties. As an experienced mediator, Paul is non-judgemental and does not act as an arbiter or judge. He will be even handed with you and your former partner and will try to assist the you both in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution of all matters arising out of your separation.

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"I'd never thought of using a mediator before. I was really worried about the effect that splitting up might have on the kids. Paul helped me and my ex partner think through what was best for them and we were able to work out an agreement that worked for the kids."
M. Dunlop

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